Email Notifications for Archive Tasks

You can configure the Quality Management Client to send email notifications about the status of archive tasks to an email address by using the Email Settings in the Quality Management Client.

To configure the email address, complete the following steps.

  1. Navigate to the General section in the Quality Management Client.
  2. Check the Use Email Alerts option under Notifications.
  3. Enter an SMTP Server, SMTP Port, Email Address(es), and optionally a username and password for SMTP authentication. The specified email address(es) will receive notifications from the Quality Management Client.

There are three types of archive notifications that are sent to the configured email address.

  • Email notification of a successful archive task.
  • Email notification of an archive task that failed to complete.
  • Email notification of a disk space warning. This email is sent out if the Quality Management Client determines insufficient disk space on the destination source location configured for the archive task. This archive task holds all of the recordings that are configured to be archived. This email is only a warning and the archive operation continues to run and move as many recordings as space allows.

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