Real-time Activity | Recording Calls in Real-time

Recording Calls in Real-time

Quality Management can record calls either:

To record calls in real-time click the navigation icon and select a user engaged in a call (status is on phone). Left click the selected user to bring up the context menu:

This menu action is disabled if the call is already being recorded automatically.

  • Stop Recording - click to stop recording.

This menu action is available only when the recording was initiated by you. If the recording was started automatically the menu action is not available.

  • Pause/Resume - when recording, click to pause real-time or automatic recording; when paused, click to resume recording.

This menu action is available only if you have Pause User Recording permission and if the recording was either started by you or it is your call that is being recorded.

If the call ends while recording is paused, recording stops and the Pause control becomes inactive. The recording will contain silence for the paused interval.

Depending on your phone system, Users can start recording their current call set by pressing ** on their phone keypad. They can stop recording by pressing ##.


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