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Playing Recording Chain Segments

In the search results table if a recording is segment of a larger recording chain it will be indicated with the icon. To replay a recording chain segment, click the Details button in the search results context menu. Follow the same steps as you would to play a standard recorded call.

The recording details tab for recording chain segments will also contain the Recording Chain Segment List section. This table lists the extension, first name and last name of the user connected to the call during the recording along with the start time and the length of the recording segment. The recordings are listed in chronological order. In the recording chain segment list table, the row containing the selected recording (the recording displayed in the details tab) is highlighted.

Click the Play icon to play another segment in the recording chain.

If you select another recording chain segment from the list for playback it will result in a new playback tab being opened for the recording; if a playback tab is already open for the recording, that tab becomes active.

For more information on call chains, refer to the About Call Chains topic.

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