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Exporting Recording Chain Segments

Users with the Export Recording permission in their Security Profile can export the complete recording chain. Exporting the recording chain concatenates the list of chain segment recordings into a single .OPUS or .MP3 file and saves it on your computer.

In the search results table if a recording is segment of a larger recording chain it will be indicated with the icon. To export a recording chain segment, click the Details button in the search results context menu. Follow the same steps as you would to play a standard recorded call.

On the recording details tab open the drop down menu located at the top right of the recording details tab and click the Export Chain menu item.

The browser will download the recording. Depending on your browser settings you may select where to download the file to, otherwise it will be downloaded to your Downloads folder.

To help differentiate one user recording from another in the concatenated recording file, a brief ringtone is inserted between each recording.

For more information on call chains, refer to the About Call Chains topic.

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