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Security Settings

Users with the Change System Settings permission in their Security Profile can edit the security settings.

To edit the security settings click the navigation icon and then click the General link from the administration sub-menu. The General tab displays. To edit the security, complete the following fields of the Security Settings section.

  1. Select Enforce Password Policies to force all user passwords to comply with the selected password policy rules:
    1. A password must have a minimum length of x characters.
    2. A password must contain at least one numeric character.
    3. A password must contain at least one alphabetic character.
    4. A password must contain both uppercase and lowercase characters.
    5. A password must contain at least one symbol.
    6. A new password must be set every x days.
  1. Set Lock and account for [ ] minute(s) after [ ] unsuccessful login attempt(s) to enforce account lock out rules.
  2. Set Automatically log out after being inactive for [ ] minutes to enable a session timer on the client website that will automatically log out users after x minutes of inactivity.
  3. Click the Save button to save the settings.

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