Quality Management Client | Changing Your Preferences

Changing Your Preferences

To change your Quality Management Client preferences, click the link located in the top header bar. You need to be currently authenticated in order to change your preferences. The Preferences dialog will display.

Once your preferences have been set, click the Ok button to save the preferences and close the dialog.

Time Zone Display Preference

You can set a preference as to how the recording dates are displayed in the client. Select one of the following options:

  • User Local Time will display all recording dates in your local time (as determined by your current computer date and time settings)
  • Server Local Time will display all recording dates using the date settings of the recording server where the recording was originally made.
  • Universal Coordinated Time (UTC) will display all recording dates in UTC.

Language Preference

The Quality Management Client has been translated into a number of international languages. Select a language option from the drop down list.

  • Auto-detect will default to the same language your browser is set up to use.
  • Specific language will force the client to use the specified language regardless of your browser settings.