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New in this Release

Recording of Text Based Media

  • Skype for Business chat recording
  • Support for viewing and evaluating text based media (email and web chat) sourced from contact center integrations
  • New recording profiles for text based media

Security Features

  • Option to enforce 2-user authentication for playback
  • Option to exclude specific accounts from password policies
  • Prevent specific accounts from changing their password
  • Security profile setting to allow limited administration of users


  • Support for evaluating text based media
  • Option to start evaluations without any media attached
  • Automatically add the related call recording when evaluating a screen recording
  • NA option for 1-5 and 0-5 scales in agent evaluation

Minor Client Enhancements

  • Playback speed slider for audio and screen recordings
  • Left/right channel mute for dual channel recordings
  • View screen recording permission replaced with general playback permission
  • Option to delete related recordings when deleting a recording
  • Option to override recording retention policy for specific recordings
  • Language can now be changed from Preferences dialog
  • Allow AD authentication when configuring encryption
  • Contact center integration options configurable via the client UI

Skype for Business Integration Enhancements

  • Removed the extension requirement for Skype for Business users
  • Removed reliance on unique IP and disallowed lists for Skype for Business integrations
  • RTPDC support for Direct Access
  • RTPDC component now auto updates
  • STUN/TURN encoded audio support for the packet forwarding service
  • Include the RTPDC/TRNS installers in upgrade package

Cisco Integration Enhancements

  • Support for a Cisco SIP + SCCP integration
  • New Cisco UCCE integration
  • New Cisco Finesse Gadget to start, stop, pause and resume recordings
  • Cisco Forked Audio option to terminate non-recorded RTP streams
  • Updated the Cisco handset app to work with QMS version 7.0 and above

Other Integration Enhancements

  • Removed the unique IP address requirement for SIP users
  • Support for DHCP with IP Office softphones
  • Changed the port used for IAT dialer integrations

Database/Storage Enhancements

  • Support for Amazon S3 storage
  • Include SQL management tools with SQL Express version
  • Eliminate requirement for DTC
  • Added Remote SQL Server Setup documentation to installation package