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Call Retention Settings

The Call Retention Settings allows the administrator to define the following attributes for a Call Recording Profile.

  • Maximum Call Duration: Whether calls shorter than a specified duration are stored.
  • Maximum Age for Saving: How long call records are retained before automatic deletion.


The Call Retention Settings reduce the amount of disk space used to store call records.

To define the Call Retention Settings, complete the following steps.

  1. Select Automatically delete calls less than [ ] seconds and enter a value to prevent Quality Management from storing calls with less than a specified duration. The setting takes effect from the moment you define it. Call recorded earlier are not deleted.
  2. Select Automatically delete calls older than [ ] days and enter a value to delete calls older than the specified number of days. The calls are deleted 24 hours after you define this value. If you enter 0, calls are retained indefinitely.

To have any changes to the Call Retention Settings take effect, you have to click the main Save button on the action bar located at the top right of the call recording profile edit tab.

Recording retention settings can still be overridden for specific recordings. See Override Recording Retention Settings.

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