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Viewing Services

Users with the Change System Settings permission in their Security Profile can view the list of services.

To view the services click the navigation icon and then click the Services link from the administration sub-menu. The Services tab displays containing the list of services.

The services table contains the following information:

Column Description
Service Type The type of service
Host The hostname of the network device hosting the service.
PBX Type The manufacturer, protocol, or programming interface of your switch, so that Call Recording Services can recognize the packet structure of the call data you want to collect.
Local Storage Location The folder on the local server in which to store the call records.
Remote Storage Location The UNC path of the remote system to which to copy call records.
Last Contact Time The time that the Data Service last received a notification from this service. If more than a specified period elapses since the Data Service was last contacted, this time is displayed in red to indicate that there may be a problem with the service or the network connection to it.
High Avail Node Name * The name of the node pair in a High Availability setup.
High Avail Node Position * Indicates whether the service is the primary or secondary service in a high availability node pair.

* Only shown when High Availability is licensed

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