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Quality Management collects, stores, and manages call data using Windows services: processes that run in the background. You use the Quality Management Client to configure these services and access the data they collect.

Quality Management uses the following services:

  • Call Recording Service - this records calls. There are likely to be multiple Call Recording Services - also known as "Data Collectors" - running on different servers in your network, recording data from multiple call centers or separate network subnets. After installing the Quality Management Client you specify the PBXs you want it to work with and it installs the Call Recording Services accordingly. Call Recording Services automatically register with the Data Service and appear in the services list, ready to configure. When you add a User you need to tell the Quality Management Client which Call Recording service it is using.
  • Data Service -this manages the Quality Management databases and is used by the Quality Management Client to access this data. As this is not always running, it may not appear in the list.

The Call Recording Service(s) sends regular notifications to the Data Service to show that they are still running.

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