Quick Start

This section outlines the main steps you need to perform to set up Quality Management so that you can view call activity.

If you have not installed Enghouse Interactive Call Recording, do so according to the instructions in the Enghouse Interactive Call Recording Installation Guide.

Step 1 - Start Quality Management

To start Quality Management, complete the following steps.

  1. From the computer running the Quality Management Data Service, open a web browser and access the URL http://localhost/qms. The Quality Management Client login page displays.

  2. Enter your Username and Password, and then click Login. The defaults are both "admin". The Quality Management Client is displayed. If this is the first time you logged into the Quality Management Client, the Licensing page displays. You need to license Quality Management before you can continue.

To log out of the Quality Management Client, navigate to the top toolbar and click Logout. Click OK in the confirmation window that displays and your account will log out of the Client.

Step 2 - License Quality Management

Quality Management has to be licensed for you to be able to use it. Obtain a license key and license Quality Management.

Step 3 - Select the PBX type

You need to specify the type of PBX system(s) that your telephone system includes so that the Enghouse Interactive Call Recording service(s) can recognize the packet structure and capture the call data. The PBX Type is set at Administration > Services. Click on the appropriate service and click Edit to access the PBX Type field.

Step 4 - Add users

To record or monitor a telephone call, you need to first add the details of the user involved in the call. Each user needs to be assigned a Security profile. When you add a user you can also assign them a user license.

Step 5 - Assign users to Call Recording Profiles

Call Recording Profiles define what calls are recorded and when they are recorded. When you add a new user with an unlimited Call Recording license, they are automatically assigned to the default Call Recording Profile. You can assign users to a different Call Recording Profile.

Users with On-demand Call Recording licenses are not assigned to a Call Recording Profile. When you assign a user an On-demand Call Recording license their Call Recording Profile assignment is removed.

Step 6 - View phone activity

After verifying that the user is configured correctly, Call Recording begins recording their calls, which you can replay. Alternatively, you can record or monitor the calls in real-time.