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Call Retention Settings

Users with the Change System Settings permission in their Security Profile can edit the call retention settings.

To edit the call retention settings click the navigation icon and then click the General link from the administration sub-menu. The General tab displays. To edit the call retention settings, complete the following fields of the Call Retention Settings section.

  1. Select the Automatically delete on demand calls less than [ ] seconds check box to activate it. The default is 10 seconds. Enter a value to prevent Quality Management from storing calls with less than a specified duration.
  2. Select the Automatically delete demand calls older than [ ] days check box to activate it. The default is 365 days. Enter a value to delete calls older than the specified number of days. The calls are deleted 24 hours after you define this value. If you enter 0, calls are retained indefinitely.
  3. Select the Allow deletion of calls attached to Agent Evaluations checkbox to activate it, otherwise deletion of any media attached to an evaluation will not be allowed.
  4. Click the Save button to save the settings.

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