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About Evaluations

For more information about Agent Evaluation, contact Enghouse Interactive.

Enghouse Interactive Agent Evaluation is a tool that managers can use to evaluate staff performance and skills.

Agent Evaluation enables managers to compare agent performance against a set of criteria known as scorecard, and produce reports of the results. There are several types of criteria, and a scorecard can contain any combination of them. Agents can be evaluated using any number of scorecards, and any scorecard on the system can be used by any manager with the necessary security permissions and licensing requirements.

Managers who wish to perform Agent Evaluation require an Agent Evaluation License, and should also be assigned to a Security Profile that has the Create Scorecard and Create Evaluation permissions. Without these, the manager will not be able to access the Agent Evaluation Scorecards and Evaluations pages. By default, the Manager and Administrator Security Profiles contain these permissions.

Managers can update scorecards at any time, but only the newest version is used for evaluations; old versions are, however, included in reports. The calls included in reports can be filtered on direction (inbound/outbound), by CallerID, outgoing number or call duration. Portions of the audio data can also be "bookmarked" and associated with relevant scorecard criteria.

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For information on creating and editing scorecards please refer to the Evaluation Scorecards section of the Administration guide.