Real-time Activity | Viewing Calls in Real-time

Viewing Calls in Real-time

To view calls in real-time click the navigation icon. The real-time view table will display containing the following information:



First Name

The User's First Name.

Last Name

The User's Last Name.


The User's extension number.

Department The user’s department
Location The user’s location

Agent ID

The telephone agent ID.

Caller ID Number

The caller ID number, used to trigger call recording.

Caller ID Name

The caller ID name, used to trigger call recording.

Outgoing Number

The number dialed by the User.


The User status.

Call Duration

The duration of the call.

Call Recording Profile

The recording profile to which the User is assigned.

Call ID

A unique identifier assigned to the call by the PBX.

Recording Server The recording server responsible for recording the user.
Computer Name * The machine name of the user’s computer.
Windows User Name * The windows account of the user.
Computer Login Time * The last known time the user logged onto their computer.
System Flags Any system flag can also be selected and viewed as a column

*These columns are only shown if you have view screen recording permissions and QMS has licensed screen recording users.

You can hide or display columns by clicking the Table Options link and selecting the columns to display.


User Grouping and Filtering

The list of users shown in the real-time table can be shown as grouped by Department or Location or with no grouping. Each group heading displays the number of users in each group and the number of active and recording calls. Use the right-hand arrows on each group header to expand or contract the group section.

You can change the table grouping by clicking the Table Options link and selecting the group by option.

The list of users shown in the real-time table can also be filtered by Department or Location. Select a Department or Location from the filter lists and the real-time table automatically updates to only include the users associated with the currently selected filter.

User Status

The Real-time Activity Status column reveals what the User is currently doing:

User Status





The User is not using the phone.

On Phone

The User is using the phone.


The call is being recorded (either in real-time or automatically)

Paused The call is being recorded but is currently paused.

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