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Call Recording Profiles

Call Recording Profiles define the criteria that calls (inbound and outbound) need to satisfy to be recorded automatically. They also define when calls should be recorded, how long they should be stored for, and minimum length a call can be to be recorded.

You assign users to Call Recording Profiles so that these recording criteria are applied to their calls. If a user is assigned to more than one Call Recording Profile, a Call Recording Profile’s Evaluation Priority is used to determine the order in which the profiles are consulted to determine call treatment. Call Recording Profiles with a higher evaluation priority are consulted before profiles with a lower evaluation priority.

When you add a new User with an unlimited Call Recording license they are automatically assigned to the default Call Recording Profile; you can reassign these users to another profile as required.

Users with On-demand Call Recording licenses cannot be assigned to a Call Recording Profile.

You cannot simultaneously record the same call automatically and on-demand (in real-time).

If a call is being recorded automatically, the real-time (on-demand) Record control is disabled.

When you install the Quality Management Client, the Phone Call Recording profile is automatically created for you.

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