Quality Management Suite

 QMS Licensing


1.  License Types

Permanent License:  A permanent license has no expiration date.  It is issued by accounting when all the conditions of the sale have been met.

Subscription License:  A subscription license is issued for a specific length of time and has an expiration date.  It is renewable by contract.

Temporary Lecense: A temporary license is issued by support or sales administration and has an expiration date.  It is used for a short period of time.  Sales may issue one for a customer trial.  Support might issue one to help in troubleshooting a problem.

2.  License usage

Licenses activate a particular module or function within QMS. 

A Call Recording license activates the recording of phone calls by an assigned user or extension in QMS. (depending on PBX and integration type)

A Computer Recording license activates the recording of computer screens assocaited with a QMS user that is having their phone calls recorded.  That user is required to have a Call Recording license.

An Agent Evaluation license activates a QMS user being able to be evaluated using the Agent Evaluation module.  That user is required to have a Call Recording license.

A QMS Suite license includes Call Recording, Computer Recording and Agent Evaluation licenses.

Licenses can combined.  Example:  50 Call Recording License and 30 Computer Recording Licenses. 

An administrators, managers and supervisor must have a Call Recording license as a pre-requisite to accessing the QMS client and administering the software.

License View


In the illustration above, the expiration date is 'Never'.  This is a permanent license.  If there had been a date in the expiration field, the license would stop working after that date.

The license is also a QMS Suite license.  It has all three modules:  Call Recording, Computer Recording and Agent Evaluation.

Note:  If the license has expired, this license view is what you will see, when you login to the QMS Client.

License Dependencies

A QMS license is built, based on the Server Token that you see in the top right hand corner of the license screen.  The Server Token is generated from a formula that is based on information about the server's NIC's.  Any change to any Nic Properties can change the Server Token and invalidate the license.  If you made a change to the NIC properties and you are now seeing the license view, when you login, try undoing the changes.  If that fails, please contact Enghouse Interactive Support.

I just received a new license but it will not load. 

Check to see that there are no spaces at the beginning or end of the license. Sometimes when you copy and paste a license you grab an unintended space.  Try to copy and paste the license into notepad and then copy and paste the license from notepad to QMS.

If the license still will not load, please contact Enghouse Interactive Support.  Be sure to provide the Server token number.

I just reduced a new license with a downgrade.  I now have fewer licenses than I did before.  What do I have to do to load this new license.

If you decrease the number of licensed users, you must unlicense users so that you have no more than the number of licenses in the new license.  If you have more users licensed than is in the new license, the new license will not load.

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