Quality Management Suite

Lync Setup Schemes (non-ucma)


There are a number of different scenarios for implementing the Lync integration.  For the most part, this effects where and how the QMS software will acquire the RTP stream (audio).


1.  Port Mirroring the audio, from the Mediation server, FE server or phone gateway, to an RTP data collector is one possible scenario.  The rtpdatacollector is usually installed on the QMS Server but may be installed on a separate system.  Depending how the Lync is configured, this may or may not record internal calls.

2.  Endpoint recording involves having an rtpdatacollector installed on the softphone's PC.  This redirects the rtp stream to the QMS Server.

3.  Endpoint recording can include having the rtpdatacollector on a PC to which an USB phone is connected.  In this scenario, the PC (only) is connected to the Lan and the phone's audio comes through the PC.

4.  Port Mirroring is also neccessary if you are using hardphones that are directly connected to the Lan or Vlan.  The phones or Vlan can be mirrored to the rtpdatacollector on the QMS Server.

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