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Installing QMS with Lync UCMA


This document is intended as a supplement to the QMS Installation Guide and not as a replacement for the Installation Guide.


1. Installation Notes

1.1  The UCMA integration pieces must be installed on the QMS Server system before installing any of the QMS software.

1.3  Perform the UCMA integration and QMS installation while logged in as a Domain Admin user account.

1.4  Install the UCMA 3.0 Runtime per the install doc.

1.5  In section 3.5, enter the Front-End Server name, you should enter the Front-End server name or SBA server name (not FQDN).  However, if you have 2 or more Front -End Servers feeding into a Front-End Pool - Load Balance, then you will want to enter the name of the Front-End Pool.  For more information on this, see the Installing & Troubleshooting The Telrexnetservice page, section 5. Front End Pool - Load Balance.

1.6  At the end of section 3,  the numbering is incorrect, find "For each CallRex user" it is important that the extension assigned to the user be the "real" extension of the user and not just made up or shortened.  To verify, you can check the sip messages in the Telrexnetservice / service log.

1.7  The IP address can be left at  The CallRecording service will grab the IP address of the user from the Telrexnetservice.  To find the IP address, you can go to the Telrexnetservice / service.log and find the user by their sip address and see the IP address.


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