Quality Management Suite

Cisco Forked Audio -  Media Termination Points (MTP)

1.    Media Termination Points (MTP) are used by Cisco as a method for handling calls with unmatching codec's on both sides of the call.  It can also be used to force a redirection of the rtp stream for network reasons. 

2.    When an MTP is employed, the RTP stream from the phone is routed to an intermediate location.  The MTP is responsible to consolidate the codec mismatch and then to send the RTP stream onto it's planned destination.  Calls routed via an MTP will not be recorded.  When a call is routed via an MTP, the 'from' IP address of the RTP packet is the IP address of the media termination point.  QMS is filtering on and looking for the IP address of the QMS users phone IP address.

 3.   MTP's and can turned on and made mandatory by configuration options in the Cisco Call Manager setup.  In the illustrations below, you see three areas where MTPs can be activated.  The first and third show the 'Media Termination Point Required."  In the second illustration below, you see the option the "MTP Preferred Originating Codec."  All three need to be disabled.

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