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Call Recording Frequently Asked Questions


The QMS Server on a virtual machine

QMS Servers are being successfully installed on VMWare and Hyper V environments.  (Version 5.4).  At this time, VDI style virtual machine environments like Citrix Zen Server, VMWare Horizon and Microsoft RDS are not supported.  They are queued for Version 6.0 which is due out later this year. 

For QMS Integrations that do not involve port mirroring ( no sniffer nic ), there is no difference in the installation and implementation of QMS.  Also, the QMS Data Service does not perform the actual call recording.  It can be installed on VMWare and Hyper V without the Call Recording Service.  For more information, see QMS Server Components.

It is the Call Recording Service that requires a sniffer NIC for Port Mirroring. 


The customer or reseller needs to perform these steps for each NIC required (most systems require two NIC's)
1. Create a LAN NIC with a static IP address to connect the VM session to your normal network.

2. Create a new virtual network that bridges to the physical network interface card plugged into the port-mirror on the switch. 
3. Create a new virtual network adapter in the virtual machine that is attached to the virtual network that was just created.

    This allows packets received from the port-mirror on the network switch to reach the virtual adapter within the VM.

3. The NIC's need to be dedicated.  The NIC VSwitch Security Settings must have Promiscuous Mode accepted.
4. Please be advised that changes to the VM session, specifically, changes to a NIC or TCP/IP properties invalidates the CallRex License.
5. All NIC's should be setup before the CallRex is installed.  The LAN NIC should have a static IP address and the Sniffer NIC, if used, should have TCP/IP turned off.  Any other visible NIC's should be disabled.
6. When the customer selects a NIC in VM, they should know that VM automatically selects its own E1000 Adapter.  This adapter may not be reliable for port sniffing. A standard VMXNET adapter is the best choice, not the enhanced adapter.

Hyper V:.

Port mirroring integrations on Hyper V require a packet forwarding service to be installed on the Hyper V Server.  Follow this link to the QMS Packet Forwarding Service Installation Guide.

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