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Call Recording Frequently Asked Questions


Server Specification and Windows Prerequistes

The following specifications are recommendations and apply to QMS Version 5.2 and up

The QMS Server "must be a dedicated server" for QMS software only.  It must not be a domain controller, file server, database server or used for other types of communications or demanding applications.

Supported Windows OS

Windows Server 2012 & R2
Windows Server 2008 x86 & x64 & x64 R2*

Windows 7 & Windows 8**

Under 50 Simultaneous Recordings

Processor: Dual Core (minimum)

2 Gb RAM (minimum)
Hard Drive 100+ GB, 7200 RPM (minimum)

50 to 100 Simultaneous Recordings

Processor: MultiCore 4 Core (minimum)

4 Gb RAM (minimum)
 Hard Drive 100+ GB, 10,000 RPM (minimum)
C Drive is NOT recommend for Wav file Storage

100 to 300 Simultaneous Recordings

Multi Processors / Multi Core 8 Core (minimum)

4 Gb RAM (minimum)
 Hard Drive 100+ GB, 10,000 RPM (minimum)
C Drive is NOT recommend for Wav file Storage

300 Plus Simultaneous Recordings

Contact Enghouse Interactive to discuss specs

Bandwith & Latency

We do not have documented bandwith or latency requirements.  However in regard to 'Live Monitoring'
it takes the same bandwith of a G711 call x 2 for both streams on the call. Monitoring may suffer in high latency networks.
  Storage Requirements

97.5 KB per minute of recording
170 hours / gbyte
(Ex: 100 users - 8 hours continuous = 5GB)

Network Interface Cards

2 100/1000 MB NIC's
 One or two NIC's required depending on type of deployment.

QMS Server on VM

QMS can run on VMWare
QMS can utilize Hyper V
Virtual machines must be configured to server specs
See tech notes on QMS with VM

QMS Client

The QMS client can be run using any Microsoft Silverlight compatible
 browser running on a supported operating system. The Silverlight
 plug-in must be installed to run the QMS Client

Microsoft IE version 7.8.9
Firefox 3.6+     Apple Safari 4+    Google Chrome

*64 bit versions of Windows may not support
 older installations of Avaya IP Office.  Cisco Forked
 Audio requires ver 8.6+. Shoretel version 11 or greater.

** Not support for Shoretel deployments

The following Windows Prerequisites are Required for a QMS Installation

This must be completed before the install appointment

1.  It is important that your server should have all Windows .Net add-ons installed on the Server 'before' adding features and roles.

1.1  Install .Net 3.5, if it is not already installed.  New 2008 and 2012 Servers may not have this installed automatically.  Please do this first.  From the Server Manager, go to Features, select .Net Framework 3.5.1 and its sub-features and click next.  Allow .Net 3.5.1 to be installed.  If a reboot is required, please reboot before proceeding.


1.2  Next, download from the Microsoft Web Site, the .Net 4.5 full version.  Install the .Net4.5 full version.  If a reboot is required, please reboot.

1.3  Install IIS from Server Manager.  Select Roles and then select Add Roles.  Check Web Server (IIS)



1.4  Click "Next" and select

      Common HTTP Features and all sub components

      Application Development and all sub components

      Health and Diagnostics and all sub components

Continue selecting roles:

      Security   -  Select "Basic Authentication", "Windows Authentication", "Request Filtering", and "IP and Domain Restrictions 

      Performance and all sub components

      Management Tools and all sub components - Especially the IIS 6 Management Compatibility and sub components.


1.5  While in Server Manager, go to "Features" and select "Add Features"

Select the features

     Desktop Experience

     Ink and Handwriting

     Message Queuing


Under Message Queuing, select Message Queuing Server and HTTP Support

Also select Remote Server Administration tools



Follow the prompts to a successful conclusion.  Reboot if neccessary. 

The following add-ons are also neccessary. 

Microsoft Visual C++ 2012 Redistributable (x86)

Microsoft Silverlight

Windows Media Player (For Lync Integrations)



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