Quality Management Suite

Call Recording Frequently Asked Questions


The QMS Data Collector


The QMS Server consists of 3 parts.  The SQL Database,  the Data Service,  and the Recording service. 


When the Recording Service is on a separate Windows server, it is called a data collector.

A data collector is just the Recording Service part of QMS. It can be configured to a local PBX and / or in a different location from the QMS Server.  You can have 2 or more data collectors.  A data collector can be used to record a different protocol or PBX.  A data collector can be used to record calls at a different location that is part of the Customer’s WAN.

The data collector is a slave to the QMS Server which has the data service and SQL server.  The meta data is stored in a SQL databse.

The data collector records calls locally and can either store the calls locally or transfer them up to the QMS Server at a convenient time.

The data collector communicates with the QMS Server via Windows MSMQ.  This also provides a buffer in the event that there is a network interruption.

Administration of the data collector is seamless.  You log into the QMS server and administer the users on the data collector from the same page on which you administer all of your other users.

The data collector must be running the same version of software as the QMS server.


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