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Call Recording Frequently Asked Questions


Part 2:  Raw Files and Wav Files

The Audio stream, regardless of how we receive it, is poured into a file in its RAW form.  We name those files raw or RW2 files.  The audio from the beginning to the end of the call is put into the RAW file.  These files exist in the designated local storage area while the call is in progress.


Under the most common circumstances, when the call ends, the RAW file is converted to a WAV file and then the RAW file is deleted.


If the user has an on-demand profile and did not request the call to be recorded, then the raw file will be discarded and not converted.


If an on-demand user requests that only a portion of the call be recorded, then only that part of the call will be placed into the wav file and the rest of the call will be discarded.


The length of the call does not matter as long as there is sufficient hard drive space.  A one hour call will be approximately 15 meg in size.


WAV files are stored until they are removed, either by archiving or by auto-deletion which can be configured within CallRex by the way of administration.  Wav files are 'not' stored in the SQL database.  When you backup your databse you are 'not' backing up your wav files.


Wav files are stored in a designated storage area.  You can find the location of your local storage area by clicking on the Services tab in the main menu.  You will be taken to the Services screen where you will be able to see the Local Storage Location.

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