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Call Recording Frequently Asked Questions


Part 3:  Recording and Monitoring Calls

Can a user with a phone profile pause the recording to avoid recording certain information, ex: Credit Card numbers? 

The phone profile which is designed to record all calls will record the entire call.  You can provide an “agent” with the ability to login to the QMS Client and pause the recording of a call.  Some PBX's or Call Systems have the ability to send call control start and stop messages that the QMS software can interpret.  Please see the FAQ question for On Demand Recording below.

In some cases you can write a custom API to do this. Contact Enghouse Interactive Support for API information. 

Sometimes I see "ON Phone" instead of recording. 

When you see
 "On Phone"  instead of "recording" , it means that QMS knows that a phone call is in progress but will not record it for a variety of reasons. An example would be an outbound call being made by an agent whose phone profile only allows inbound calls to be recorded.  Another would be if an agent’s profile is in “On Demand” recording mode.  Still another might be that the agent has called a voice mail box.

If you believe that a call displaying On Phone is supposed to be recorded, then please contact Enghouse Interactive Support

I do not want my extension or other extensions recorded.

You can block an extension from being recorded by adding that extension to QMS as a user, license that extension and then check the "Privacy" setting in the user's account.  This will block that extension from being recorded even if a recorded agent should call it.  Typically an administrator or a company executive may not want their calls recorded. 

Please note that not 'all' pbx's provide the information we need to perform this function.  You should test this functionality in adavnce before employing it in production.

How do I get QMS to send Beep Tones to alert Callers that they are being recorded?

The QMS software does not provide Beep Tones.  QMS Software is passive and does not interact with the actual phone calls.  Your PBX / Call Manager might be able to be configured to provide Beep Tones or there may be a 3
rd party product to add beep tones to your call system.

When I choose to monitor a call "live", does the agent or outside party know that the call is being monitored?

No. QMS does not alert a user if their call is being monitored live.

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