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Call Recording Frequently Asked Questions


Part 2:  Users, Extensions, Passwords and Logs

Can I have 2 Phones with the same extension.

An extension, configured in QMS must be a unique extension.  This means that only one phone can have that primary extension.  That extension can not be used as a primary or secondary extension on another phone.  

You can share secondary extensions.  A secondary extension can be a secondary extension on another phone but it can not be a primary extension on another phone. 

On what field is recording based on. 

QMS Call Recording is an extension based recording system.  QMS anchors on the user extension for Call Recording. The Username is irrelevant.

I deleted a user and now I cannot listen to their calls.

If you deleted a user then you will not be able to listen to that user’s recorded calls, even if you add that user back into the system.  The meta data between that user account and the historical recorded calls has been deleted and can not be retrieved.

Can I reuse / change a user extension?

Yes you can.  A user account is independent of the extension and name on that user account.  Just edit the user, change the extension, save the changes and you have not affected that user account.

You can also change the first and last name of the user account without affecting that user account.  

Changing the extension and user names does not impact being able to search for old recordings associated with that user account.

Are User passwords encrypted?

Yes. All passwords for users are encrypted. We are using SHA256 and the passwords are hashed and salted as required by the PCI-DSS security standards.

If I unlicense a user, will I lose their recorded calls?

No.  You will only lose their recorded calls if you delete a user account or deliberately delete the wav files.  If you unlicense and then relicense a user, you will be able to search for and listen to the recorded calls.

One of my employees left the company.  I want to re-use their extension, but I do not want to lose the ability to search and play recorded calls from the old employee

To re-use an extension and still be able to access callrecordings from the first user, you just need to make the first user 'inactive'. By making a user inactive, you free up the license and can re-use the same extension.  In the search area, just select 'inactive' users to see a list of inactive users.  Select the inactive user and search for calls normally.

Is User and Administrator activity, while logged into the client, being logged?

You can enable auditing of most activity, by a user or administrator, in the General administration area.  Under Audit Settings, check the 'Enable Auditing' box.  The QMS software creates an audit log entry when any user parameter, including passwords, are updated.  It also logs information about changes and deletions made during a login session.

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