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Call Recording Frequently Asked Questions


Part 1:  Login, License and Tokens

I cannot login to the QMS Client from my PC.

Try logging in to client from a browser on the QMS Server.  If that works, then you may have a firewall or communications problem that is blocking your connection to the Server. 

First, turn off the Windows Firewall on your PC and try again.  If that fails, you should have your network administrator test, to make sure that there is connectivity between your PC and the Server.   See our knowledge base article
Port Usage for QMS.

I cannot login to the client while on the Server.

Check to see that the QMS Data Service and QMS Call Recording Services are running.  See Services

The other problem might be that the username or password is incorrect.  Try logging in with a different username and password; it doesn’t have to be an admin.  

If these two things fail, you should contact Enghouse Interactive Support  

It is a very good idea to have a backup admin account in case you lose the admin password.

When I login to the QMS client, it brings me to the License screen.  OR  My license has expired.  Why and what should I do?


If you have a subscription license or a trial license then you should contact your reseller, sales person or Enghouse sales.

If you had a permanent license, and had your license replaced during a service call, you should have received a new permanent key in your email. Check your SPAM folder in case the email ended up there.  Otherwise contact Enghouse Interactive support.

If you made changes to the NIC's on your QMS Server, you may have invalidated your license.  You should not make changes to the NIC names, NIC properties or IP address without consulting with Enghouse Interactive support.
If you know what changes you made, by undoing those changes, you can re-validate the license without the help of support.

When does my Support Contract expire?

Support contracts can be year to year or multi-year.  To find out the current status of your Support contract, please contact contact your reseller, sales person or Enghouse sales.

I just received a new license but it will not load. 

Check to see that there are no spaces at the beginning or end of the license. Sometimes when you copy and paste a license you grab an unintended space.  Try to copy and paste the license to notepad and then copy and paste the license from notepad to QMS.

If the license still will not load, please contact Enghouse Interactive Support.  Be sure to provide the Server token number.

I just reduced a new license with a downgrade.  I now have fewer licenses than I did before.  What do I have to do to load this new license.

If you decrease the number of licensed users, you must unlicense users so that you have no more than the number of licenses in the new license.  If you have more users licensed than is in the new license, the new license will not load.

What is the Server Token number? 

The Server Token number is a unique ID based on certain hardware characterisitcs of the Server on which QMS is loaded.  This ID is used to validate the license on that one particular Server.  If you make a change to the NIC names, NIC properties or IP address of the QMS server, you might alter the Server Token and thus invalidate the QMS license.

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