Quality Management Suite

Extensions, DHCP and Extension Mobility


1.  QMS is an extension / IP based recording system.  Each extension listed in QMS must be a unique extension.  QMS does not support having 2 phones with the same extension that rings simultaneously.

2.  The 2nd and additional extensions on a phone will be recorded and can be shared on other phones as a secondary extension.

2.1  The 2nd and additional extensions can appear on one other phone as a line 1 appearance.

 Example:   John's phone has a Line one that is extension 9001.  He has a Line two that is extension 9002 and a line three that is extension 9003.

                Extension 9001 can not appear as a Line one anywhere else.  It can appear as a line two or three elsewhere.

                Extension 9002 can appear as a Line one on another phone.  But just one phone.  It can appear as a Line two or three on other phone.

Example     John   Line 1 =  9001    Line 2 =  9002   Line 3 =  9003

                Mary  Line 1 =  9002    Line 2 =  9001   Line 3 = 9003

                Carl   Line 1 =  9003    Line 2 =  9002 


3.   Extensions in QMS must be exactly the same as it exists in the PBX or CallManager.  If the extension in CallManager or PBX is 1234 then the extension in QMS must also be 1234.  If the extension in PBX or CallManager is 6175551212 then the extension in CallRex must be 6175551212.  (This is not neccessary if you are using static IP's on the phones)

4.  On most Call Systems, extension mobility is compatible as long as QMS receives the appropriate ext/IP information from the phone that is being logged into.

5.  QMS works with DHCP for most, but not all, PBX and Call Systems.  CallRex requires that the PBX or Call System provide the extension / IP address information.


In SIP this comes via a SIP registration message in a packet mirrored to the QMS sniffing port.

In Cisco SCCP this comes in the form of a skinny or sccp "line state" message.

In Shoretel this info is provided via Tapi.

In Lync, this comes from SIP messaging.

6.  Upon receipt of the Ext/IP address information, QMS will automatically update the user account with the new IP address.

7.  It may be neccessary, when adding a new user, to reboot or unplug and re-plug a phone to force an ext/ip address update.  This is not neccessary, in most cases, wherever sip is being used.  SIP provides the IP/ext relationship with every call.


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