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About Call Chains

In the course of call handling, it is common to pass an inbound call from agent to agent to best serve the caller's needs. In a CallRex environment, each of these caller/agent connection typically result in a stand-alone call recording. There is no way to easily identify the recordings generated by a specific call much less aggregate them, and play them back in any logical order.

The Call Chain feature solves this problem by providing an ability to review a caller's experience via an enhancement to the Call Playback page accessible from the Search Recordings tab. This enhancement provides a view of all recordings generated for a specific call as it moved around the call center. This view not only allows easy playback of these segments in any order, but it also allows export of the call recording chain segments as a single wave file.


The call segment recording chain can only be maintained while the call is connected to a CallRex user - if a call is transferred to or un-parked by a non-CallRex agent, then the chain will be broken.

The Call Chain is available on the following PBX systems:

The Call Chain feature is implemented via enhancements to the Call Recording Search tab and the Recording Playback tab.

There are two call redirection scenarios that create call chain recordings, transfers and call-park scenarios.

Transfers are familiar to most people and while there are variations in how they are performed on various PBXs, the bottom line is that an agent has a call which is passed to another agent. The recording at the first agent and the recording at the next agent would be members of a chain.

Call park scenarios send the call to a temporary holding location often referred to as a parking lot. One or more additional agents have access to the parking lot and when one of the agents is available, he can retrieve or un-park the parked call.


Links can only be maintained between consecutive CallRex recordings. If a call is redirected to a non-CallRex extension, then the previous call chain is terminated and a new one will begin when (and if) the call is again redirected to a CallRex user.